Legal basement suite development

Add A Legal Basement Suite to your home today without the headache or legal worries of building codes and regulations


Basement Suite Development

A legal basement suite is a great way to provide additional income for homeowners. You will need to follow the rules set by the city of Edmonton and take necessary precautions before proceeding. 

Once you have created and developed a legal basement suite in your home, you can reap the benefits of extra space or additional monthly income with a new tenant. 

Legal Basement Suite Edmonton
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Our Process

At Edmonton’s Best Contactors we give you peace of mind by ensuring your basement suite development and renovation project follows all the building code and city regulation requirements.  

Lets us do all the legal groundwork for you including getting the necessary permits if required and help you with assistance through our financing program. 

Basement Renovation

Transform your unused home space into an extra income generator

Basement Reno Starts Here

At Edmonton’s Best we will work with you to develop high quality results with our design-build methodology under one general contractor. We are excited to transform your house space. 

Knowledge and Experience

When a property owner decides to develop their legal basement suite, they will first need to get a development permit for the project. There are certain requirements that the owner must meet in order to have their permit approved. The project must adhere to zoning regulations as well as bylaws that may be in place for the municipality or district.

The process will also vary depending on if this is the first time that a basement suite has been added to the property or if it has been done previously on the same property. This is because of changes such as new municipal bylaws and new zoning regulations.

When you team up with Edmonton’s Best Contractors we take care of the headache and stress off remodeling your basement or turning your extra home space into a fully fledged rental unit. 

Make Your Home Space IDeas Come to Life

Renovating your basement is a great way to add living space and a dual living situation. In addition, it’s also an opportunity to make the most out of unused space. Some ideas you may want to try: 


  • Renovating the footings or other foundation issues
  • Converting a garage into a basement
  • Adding a family room to the ground level of your house with a basement below
  • Building a new room on top of an existing one with two stories and adding a basement below
  • Adding an in-law suite to your home by transforming your unfinished basement into an apartment